Today was a day that booking an assistant would have come in handy. It was the first day of C2E2 and I had a portrait session with the band Fitz and the Tantrums for Forbes.com. I had everything planned and then it all fell apart. Well, sort of. I planned on picking up the back drop paper on the way to C2E2 but didn’t foresee it not fitting in my car. I turned right back around, sawed off a chunk and then right back on the road.

C2E2 went smooth and with the writer Jim Ryan in tow, we headed to the venue. Arriving a bit early we secured a close parking space and had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant just up the street.

With Jim’s help we grabbed all we needed and slowly headed towards the Riviera Theatre’s marquee. Fearing that we were going to have to go in the back way was quickly squashed when we saw what we thought was a familiar face smoking a cigarette outside the front entrance. He smiled and said, “I can let you in here and I suspect you are looking for me anyway.” It was Michael Fitzpatrick the lead singer of the band and one of my subjects for today.

Jim was escorted back to the green room and other than the tour manager popping up at the right time to assist me in raising the background, I was left on my own to quickly set up in the lobby of the Riviera. Set it up quickly I did indeed. Jim completed the interview in ten minutes and he was back just in time to help me tweak the lighting.

Michael Fitzpatrick first arrive and then Noelle Scaggs appeared slightly distracted with phone in hand, dealing with the post office. As Noelle waited on hold, I continued to adjust the lighting.

Soon I was ready to shoot, Noelle was off the phone and here we go…

A little too lackadaisical but we’re getting there.

Now that’s more like it and SCENE.