2013: I’ve had some crazy gigs through the years and the one that I always come back to, is shooting for Vogue magazine in Chicago for George Lucas’s wedding reception.

Talk about something one shouldn’t be allowed in, that has to be up there on the list. You can only imagine some of the attendees including the wedding band…

Prince and the New Power Generation

So with that said, this is how I met Anthony Daniels and his wife back in June of 2013. I remember walking up to both of them and asking if I could take their photo.

Anges Daniels and Anthony Daniels (aka C3PO)

I believe I introduced myself as the Vogue photographer. I tried to be transparent every time I approached anyone but as you can imagine, most people thought I was just the wedding photographer. That did help in a sense that no one looked at me as the enemy and were more than happy to oblige on this celebrated occasion. Anthony then noticed I had a tie clip that was the symbol of the Empire and I explained it went better with my tie. I was surprised on how friendly he was to me. He asked how it was going and I said it was going okay but it was challenging. Challenging in the sense that I had to be missing out on people I should be photographing. That prompted Anthony to ask who he was and I said you are Anthony Daniels. How do you know that and I said because I was nine when Star Wars came out. Which he seemed to get a kick out of it. I was correct though, for every Mork from Ork…

Robin Williams

a Wicket the Ewok…

Warwick Davis (aka (Wicket the Ewok) and wife Samantha Davis

and even a author and a Yoda,

Victoria Labalme and Frank Oz (Yoda)

there were reverends and…

Reverend Jessie Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton

a film producer/president and a jedi.

It was a crazy evening that I was told I had full access but I kept waiting for the axe to fall but that happened.

Anges Daniels and Anthony Daniels with George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

So with that in mind, it was great to see them both Anthony and his wife when he unveiled his cover for his biography at the Star Wars Celebration.